Acoustic Calibration

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Acoustic Calibration is available on all types and brands of instrument with our comprehensive Calibration Service based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Sound Level Meters are classified by two different types (Class/Type 1 and Class/Type 2) and can often be known as Noise Meters or Noise Dosimeters. The different classes refer to the accuracy level of the results given by the meter with Class 1 being the more accurate of the two options. The calibration of Sound Level Meters makes up only one small part of our expertise in Acoustics calibration. We also have the capability to calibrate other slightly different items such as Dosemeters, Dosimeters, Personal Sound Level Meters, Handheld Sound Level Meters, Sound Level Indicators, Acoustic Calibrators and Decibel Meters. AMECaL prides itself on providing acoustics and all other calibration services with a certificate allowing our customers to trace the measurements back to National Standards.

The following list indicates just a few of the brands of acoustics equipment we have catered for in the past:

  • Bruel & Kjear
  • BK Precision
  • Chauvin Arnoux
  • Cirrus
  • Exair
  • Exotech
  • Extech
  • HT
  • Kern

The following are some of the services we offer:

  • ISO 17025 Acoustic Calibrator Calibration
  • ISO 17025 Microphone Calibration
  • ISO 17025 Noise Dosemeter Calibration
  • ISO 17025 Sound Level Meters Calibration
  • ISO 17025 Tuning Forks Calibration