NDT Calibration

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It’s not enough simply to carry out non-destructive testing; you also need to ensure that the test equipment you use is properly maintained and 100% accurate at all times. To deliver traceability and test accuracy in the field, all NDT equipment has to be maintained and, in the majority of cases, kept in calibration according to specification.

Comprehensive calibration services

Here at Askib Engineers we’ve been providing NDT calibration services. Our fully qualified and highly trained engineers are well experienced in calibrating a wide range of items, such as:

  • Equipment – magnetic particle equipment, ultrasonic flaw detectors, eddy current, thickness meters, drying ovens
  • Gauges – air gauges, temperature gauges
  • Meters – ammeters, UV and white light meters, magnetic flux meters, analogue field strength indicators
  • Accessories – demagnetisation units, hand yokes, permanent magnets, timers
  • Tam (PSM5) Panels/Panels – reference photo and indication sizing