Dimension Calibration

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Askib Engineers specializes in a variety of dimensional calibration disciplines. From gage blocks and calipers to thread gages and plugs, our technicians have years of experience with dimensional calibration equipment. This knowledge base helps us bring our customers the best-in-class measurement solutions they deserve.

Throughout our network of state-of-the-art accredited laboratories, we use the latest technology and most advanced standards to calibrate equipment with the best accuracies possible. Facilities throughout our network include dimensional gaging laboratories with environmental control systems capable of holding ±1 °F. This ensures we can accurately measure gage blocks and other items which may be susceptible to thermal expansion which can affect readings.

In addition to environmental capabilities that surpass most other measurement companies, at Askib Engineers we also pride ourselves on investments in equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. As technology improves, our equipment evolves so we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements. Take a look below at our scope of disciplines in physical dimensional calibration:

Askib Engineers Dimensional Calibration Scope of Disciplines

123 Blocks Angle Blocks Angle Indicators/Inclinometers
Ball Gages/CMM Spheres Bench & Surface Plate Centers Bore Gages
Calipers Chamfer/Countersink Gages Crimping Tools
Linear Indicators Diameter Tapes Depth Gauges
Drifts (ID/OD) Durometer Indentor Geometry Feeler Gauges
Eyepiece Graticules/Reticles Gage Blocks Height Gauges
Lead Gages Levels Micrometers
Microscopes Optical Comparators Optical Flats
Pin and Plug Gages Radius Gages Ring Gauges
Sine Bars/Angle Plates Spline Gages Surface Plates
Thread Gauges Taper Gages Tape Measures/Steel Rules
Thread Profile Gages Torque Arms and Wheels Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Universal Length Machines Video Measurement Machines