Mass & Volume Calibration

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Our Mass Calibration Lab is equipped with polished granite tables for the lab balances, and Anti Vibration Table thus reducing vibrations. Master equipment with traceability to National / International Standards is available with us for calibration. The Standard weights are traceable to NPL Standard.

Askib Engineers utilizes certified test weights to perform calibration and verifications. Mass Calibration includes Weighing Balance calibrations range covers 1 mg to 600 kg done through E2 Class, F1 Class, F2 Class & M1 Class Standard Weights and Standard Weights calibration range covers 1 mg to 500 g done through High Precision Standard Weights and High Precision Weighing Balances.

Askib Engineers Mass & Volume Calibration Lab is designed and constructed to meet the recommended environmental and procedural practices as detailed in ISO IEC 17025 and NABL standards for the calibration of mass. Our laboratory is climate controlled with the Temperature between 25±2ºC and the Humidity between 40% and 60%. We keep an open line of communication with them during and after the calibration service so the customers are kept aware of the progress of their calibration services.

In addition to Mass Calibration, our laboratory performs Volume Calibration which includes calibration of Micro Pipette ranges from 10µl to 10000µl, Graduated Pipette ranges from 1 ml to 50 ml, Graduated Burette ranges from 1 ml to 50 ml, Measuring Cylinder ranges from 1 ml to 2000 ml, Standard Flask ranges from 1 ml to 2000 ml, Conical Flask & Beaker ranges from 1 ml to 2000 ml. Volume Calibration is performed through High Precision Weighing Balances.