Thermal Calibration

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Askib Engineeers' Thermal Laboratory is Accredited for both In-house & Onsite Calibration. The Laboratory comprises of sophisticated high precision master equipments traceable to National/NPL standards. Best Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC) compared to other Labs. The Technical Staff engaged in Calibration are well Trained & Experienced in to respective field. We are providing our services to customers all over India in fast track to meet the needs with strict time frame.

Thermal Laboratory In – House Major Calibration Instruments

PRT's RTD Thermocouples ( J, K, E, T, N, B, R, S etc) Hygrometers IR thermometer Thermal Imager Pyrometer Temperature transmitter thermometers (Digital/Analog) Data loggers with sensors Temperature Indicator Temperature Scanner Temperature Chart Recorder

Thermal Laboratory On–Site Major Calibration Instruments

Hot air oven Muffle furnace BOD incubators Autoclave Tunnel sterlizer Dry heat sterlizer Refrigerators & cold rooms Walk-In / Stability Chamber Temp. & Humidity Chamber Temperature/humidity mapping and validation thermal calibration services thermocouple calibration equipment thermal calibration equipment

Thermal Parameters

Temperature Digital Thermometer RTD Sensors Thermocouples (All Types) Temperature Gauges Data Loggers with sensor Thermocouple sensors Mapping for evaluation of Freezers, Chambers, Ovens Capability to Validation & Mapping Autoclave Tunnel Sterilizer Dry Heat Sterilizer Hot Air Oven Room Mapping (Temperature, Temperature & Humidity) BOD Incubator, Refrigerator. Walk-In / Stability Chamber Temp. & Humidity Chamber. Furnaces (All Types) Validation and Mapping to meet USFDA, MHRA Requirements Thermal Mapping to meet NADCAP, HPS, CIQ & AP Standards Thermometers (Digital/Glass/Clinical) Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers Temperature / Humidity Recorder with Sensors Calibration Of Dry Block Calibrators, Ovens, Freezers, Incubators, Autoclaves, Refrigerators Chambers, Furnaces, Cold Rooms, Etc., Infrared Thermometers, Thermal Imagers, Pyrometers Temperature Humidity Meters / Thermo Hygrometers Calibration Of Water Baths & Oil Bath Digital Temperature Indicator / Controllers Humidity meters PH, Conductivity & TDS Walk in Chamber Cold Room

Thermal Validation

We also carry out the Thermal Validation of following instruments

Temperature Chambers Humidity Chambers Sterilizer Ovens Furnaces Autoclaves Freezers, Refrigerators Incubators Cold Room Walk in Chamber Humidity Chamber Temperature Calibration up to 1500° C Thermal Handheld Thermometers Temperature Transmitters Temperature Switches Temperature Recorders Temperature Dataloggers Temperature Calibrators Dry Block Temperature Calibrators Constant Temperature Liquid Bath Water Bath Oil Bath

Temperature Mapping

Oven Incubators Chambers Hot Air Oven Furnaces Dryers Coolers Freezers Vacuum Oven Autoclave

Temperature & Humidity Mapping

Rooms Ware House Stability Chamber